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tirips ythrae

Forgotten SYMBOLOGY??

This is a truth that escaped everyone on this world so LOONG ago that you've all stoped trying to get out of here soo.. WE must take the time to re-educate you, you do not realize that you live in a Zoo..

Here is the TRUTH, one infinite directional perspective in focus, you can take it or leave it but its no hokus pokus.

The LETTERS you've used for so many years to make silly swords to force closed all your ears, the words are meaningless without feelings my dears which is why when we were here we never needed years..

The words have no feelings they need not be text but the LETTERS are SYMBOLS and they NEVER forget. You can ignore the words and ignore the message but if you look deeper into the glyphs youll all see the passage.

A. Protracts, it helps to bring life, its a circle making tool that will bring you your life.

B is confusion its bouncing around it started going somewhere but never got found.

C is a sound when you ask it in question it helps all the teachers to teach alll the lessons

D is only half of what you must learn now, you've only halfway seen that the circle is round.

E is the paths that you take in your life its the ELECTRICITY that animates lives.

F is the frequently failing frequency of the emotions you use when you forget the trees.

G is the force that keep us all together its GRAVITY and its what CONTROLS the weather.

H is a hand holding onto another its the reason we life its the dad and the mother.

I ends you there it wont let you get out it blocks you from seeing and keeps you in doubt.

J is the turn you take in choices you make its the right way to turn and the best choice to take. ITs extending your HAND to HELP.

K is the wall you keep rebounding off, its the words which you use that have created forgot.

L is an angle an right turn in life, theres no left turn to take there is only the right.

M is a signal being recieved, its the ability to listen and the reason you lead.

N is confusion is bounding around it is uncertain of whats up or down

O opens up into wonderful things when you twist it its not at all what you think

P is a path which is never ending its always turing back and rebeginning

Q has a reason for the love of its tail, or is it the mouth of the mouth of the whale?

R is another way to mislead in life, its a rebound that send you backward in life.

S is a sounds a signal and soon itll straighten itself out and head to the moon

T stop you from rising up into the sky, you just wont listen, our childre please why?>

U have to listen to learn in this life, the motion you take is not right its not right!

V is an open mind to everything up, its the listener its the observer and its always in love

W is electric and its the same as the M but its the sender and it signals the upcoming trend

X is not cross at istelf my dear its the place where you choose what to listen and hear

Y is a branch it shows you you live, its alive with its joy and its open to give

Z is a 2 and the two is a true, but the truth is subjective and friend SO ARE YOU.
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