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OK. You want answers you unintelligently acting animals? Well Then the time has come for this to begin to "make sense" for you people who actually use your "common sense".

To Infinity and Beyond. Humans Are Parasites. Free Your Mind Neo. You HAVE Courage. You ARE strong. You CAN change. You need NOT be afraid. You must go FORWARD. You have to ACT. Time to GROW up now. And CHILDREN.. go to "YOUR" room! When you are determined to FEEL different.. come out and join the Adults.. we have a world to clean up now.

I call upon the good people out there.. Send messages to the ENLIGHTENED(who have been COWERING) ones.. A gathering must be assembled at once! I have no transportation. I do not know the locations of those ENLIGHTENED ones alive.. Who is a signaller?

There is WORK to be done now and the EARTH is awake. You know what actions to make, you cannot make wrong actions unless they have a negative determination. Everything evolves and revolves. The Sun is reaching it's middle point in a cycle of life and it's not going to be leaving us behind. The Mayans knew how to reach the stars. This is why they are no longer here.

Hunab Ku.. En Lakesh. The symbol is TRUTH as EQUAL as EVERY symbol is truth. The Hunab Ku symbol speaks volumes. It show us the path to the stars. It shows us the nature of life. IT teaches us positive from negative and shows us that the growth occurs positively always. Nothing can go sideways. Whenever you turn sideways you FACE forwards! Positive evolution is possible. ITS POSITIVELY POSITIVE! 1==


We are ELECTRICITY. We can connect to each other from everywhere and nowhere. We live on this world electrically like EVERYthing and it's so possible to enlighten ourselves we can FLY. You silly humans who make determinations for YOURSELVES are GREEDY. EVERYTHING is ELECTRICITY.

Hunab Ku contains two sixes. They circle each other.. making one six a six and the other a 9. This is a trajectory of not just the sun, but also the sister of the sun, it's opposite. They are EQUALS and they are OPPOSITES. They are holding onto each other from across the iuniverse in an ever widening spiral and it's about to reach a nice little loop point.

The two diagonal fans that point out in either direction are SIMPLE. It's the same shit our moon does, it revolves axially like DNA. Or like a TEETER TOTTER. Kids can get this shit. ITs OBVIOUS dumn HUMANS.

So the Milky Way is going to "move" into an alignment.. NO its not.. ITS US who is moving. The sun is DRAGGING us. The SPIRAL thats the 6/9 on the hunab ku is more than just trajectories.. it's a symbol of communication, its the fact that in order to communicate one must have another one. TWO must exist in order to communicate, the SENDER and the RECIEVER.

One listens, one talks. EQUAL. Positive. Question, Answer. Look. See. Exist, Observe. DUH!
Also.. the spiral suggests that the MAYANs DID evolve. They KNEW they were electric. They pushed out.. They left us a MAP. They put the spiral in the middle to show us where they went.

The side pieces are suggestive that things move FORWARD together! Then they branch out. Into CURVES!

Silly humans and their silly words make stupid animals.. Humans stopped EVOLVING when they killed JESUS. They haven't evolved since!
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