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tirips ythrae

13 times 6.

There you have it. There are 13X6 moons left before the planet changes. There are 13X6 moons left before the alignment occurs. Are you focused?

The dreamspell is a systematic deviation from a system. It determines that some specific definition is the correct one.. Time = Art is not truth. Truth =1 You cannot label it. Truth is the entire infinite universe =1. How can Arguelles determine that he or any other human has the right to determine for the human race a specific time positioning system thats does not openly explain its deviations or allow for opensource modification by the entire race?

The mayans knew the unimportance of the actual divisional positing of "now" time, they did not dedicate themselves to their egos or to a concept of ownership and stature, they dedicated themselves to the observation of things and the creation of things. They knew that things were infinitely interesting and thus they were interested in them all. They had little to go on, they determined many spiritual things and created spiritual stories in order to teach their children the lessons of positive community growth and syncroniticy with nature.

There is a movement beginning now, your calendars are not so important now aside from knowing how much time is left until the change(but keep growing with them, that IS important). 2012 is coming and if you have animals in your home you can tell that they already know it. They are looking at you I am certain.. Wondering if YOU know it. Visit the http://www.livejournal.com/community/2_0_1_2 community and get your signals emoting. It's time now to begin opensource planning and information distribution conception.. We must begin to gather and assemble our skills and reorganize the information in such a way that all solutions are covered and provided to every citizen of the planet by 2012! This way and only in this way will we convince everyone that removal of ego and stature and ownership of things is absolutely possible! & Freedom is FREE! Stop paying for your right to live! You have a right to live free!
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